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Here are some resources provided for you to so that you can see how to properly prepare your home and your family for a disaster situation. Please look through the different websites we have provided and look over our list of essentials for your disaster preparedness kit.


Emergency Preparedness Kit

Policy Information

  • Clothes and Shoes next to every bed in the home at all times

  • Flashlight next to every bed in the home

  • Exit Plan out of the home for entire family

  • Store the following outside your home in a large water tight container

  • Water and Dry or Canned Food, enough food for 3 days for entire family

  • Extra Cloths for the entire family

  • First Aid Kit and Prescription Medication

  • Money

  • Copies of: Driver License, Passport, and Social Security Card

  • Tent and blankets for the entire family

  • Extra Propane Tanks for BBQ and a small cooking stoves

  • Water Purifier

  • Cooking Pots: plastic bowls, plates, silverware, glasses

  • Emergency Radio, Flashlights and Lanterns

  • Batteries

  • Foldup Chairs

  • Extra Car Keys

  • Duct Tape

  • Extra Rope

  • Clear Plastic

  • Tools (small set)

  • Extra Gas

  • Siphoning Hose (to get fuel from a car if needed)

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